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Sector Strategies

Virtual Institute 2016

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May 16th - 20th


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Learn how to make the most from regional sector partnerships from the people who are already implementing solutions. Join us from the comfort of your office (online) and free (priceless)!

Join your peers for USDOL-ETA's 2nd Annual week-long Sector Strategies Virtual Institute on advancing sector work! WIOA calls for dynamic and regional industry sector partnerships where business and workforce systems work together to solve skill gap issues and create meaningful career pathways for individuals. This event will include leading state and local practitioners who have formed high-performing sector strategies and will drill down deep into the latest challenges and innovative solutions:

  • "Regionalizing" your already successful local sector partnership
  • Moving beyond engaging business: to business as a lead
  • Designing career pathways - and apprenticeships - at an industry-level scale
  • Sustaining and measuring sector approaches
  • Defining a state's role in seeding regional sector partnerships

This year the event will include "101" sessions designed for beginners and "201" sessions for those more advanced! Unlike other online meetings, this innovative event will combine both large core plenary sessions and small-group interactive workshops. An intermittent schedule of sessions during this week long event has been created to maximize the potential of fitting a number of these sessions into your already packed schedules. It is not required to participate in all of the sessions, but we do recommend that you try to attend the Opening Plenary Session on Monday to understand the context of our 10 sessions over the course of the week, as well as the Closing Session on Friday, where we will discuss next steps for Sectors Strategies. You are welcome to register for as many individual sessions as you like. We will update the information regarding dates, times, and speakers for specific sessions as they become available.

Last year, over 500 people joined the conversation.
Get ready to participate!



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