Enhancing Workforce Leadership

Customer-Centered Design (CCD)

CCD is an amazingly generative process, and one that starts with people and ends with surprising answers tailor-made to put our customers� needs at the center. We can use it to directly learn from the communities we serve and to rapidly come up with innovative new concepts, quickly prototype them and then make our ideas come to life with results for our customers.

About CCD About the Challenge

Informational Resources

  1. Link to the CCD Launch Webinar
  2. Customer Centered Design: The Prototype Phase
  3. CCD Voices of Experience
  4. CCD Podcast


Resource Links for Teams

  1. Link to Launch Webinar
  2. Link to CCD Coaches
  3. Innovation and Opportunity Network (ION)

80 Teams Formed

Three Program Area Challenges

Map of Teams

  1. States Participating
  2. Regions
  3. Program Areas

FIVE phases

  1. Launch Webinar
  2. 7 week Online Class
  3. 5 week Experiment and Prototype phase
  4. Learning Exchange and Celebration at the White House
  5. On-going peer mentoring
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